Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh now this really is something a little special. Watch Wayne's stuggle to live his dreams and break out of the resthome circuit!

Six days of child free days!

You are never going to believe it but with all the anxiety I have over allowing Nana to steal my child away, I awoke this morning absolutely dead chuffed and my head bursting with plans and schemes to fill my week. Yes, blaaaa blaaa I do realise that perhaps I should be resting BUT it would be worse if I thought I was wasting what little free time I have.

I also had another thought this morning and I realised that CH is perhaps not so firmly strapped into the old gravy train. Sure his clothes magically appear washed, house cleaned, lovely meals, you know all the domestic stuff and generally he pays for services rendered in the form of me throwing looks of contempt and an almost always tired wife and friend.

It is upon that level he perhaps gained the mother of his child but the friend and lover almost beyond reach. This morning as I was alive with ideas and not clouded by morning grumpyness. I got up and made a most wonderful fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, juice and set up breakfast on the patio, lovely sunshine and music, bliss and quality. By this time I had also made him a lovely lunch as he is working all day. I guess it is just slowing down the pace and just enjoying what is.

I hope you all feel as inspired as I do this morning as it really is a most wonderful feeling.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seven days, one week, 168 hours, 10080 minutes or longer than any diet I have stuck to.

Next week while all you Mothers out there are teetering on edge of sanity, up to your elbows in offsprings body fluids and weighed down by the pressure of house whipped bitch duties, I shall be realxing in a Hammock in the great land before child. A choice of good books, no routine and do what ever the hell I feel like. Yep I am one foot loose mutha.

Do I sound convincing?

My one and only daughter is about to leave my side for not a day but seven of the bastards and I am completely uncool about it.

I have much to do as we have not done any prep for the new baby and I also have many plans to finish a couple of projects and finally solve world hunger so I will be really busy..................... really anxious.................really worried...........I will most likely be breast feeding the cat before the end of the week...................................Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Baked beans, large portions YES PLEASE

Tis that time again when CH and I sit down and work out exactly how much money we have spent than actually earned. Every month is the same then why is it still a complete surprise.

As expected I am starting to nest a little and part of that is the overwhelming need to be nesting in my own home and not a cat pee smelling rental. Unfortunately CH seems to have heard my nagging upon the subject(almost unheard of!) anyway we are too skint to purchase a property up here so do we sell our CHCH home or not?? who the hell knows, we did our sums for what seems like an eternity and still cannot make it happen.

Hell the hell do others do it. We went online and got a estimation of what banks would lend us and what a bunch of dumb bastards the only way we could make those weekly repayments is by living on Signature Range baked beans and as you all know me that is never going to happen, I would rather cut off my left boob than give up my life long love of lush grocery items.

Good things happen to good people right? All we need now is an old chap with a huge established farm complete with orchard and flowing river who has a old homestead he no longer wants to rattle around in alone and in exchange for cooking and cleaning he lets us live our lifestyle dream..............................................Any takers?

Hold on perhaps if I put in a few choice words of what old fellows may be searching for ummmm boiled cabbage, Old Spice, Bonanza re-runs, garage sales, cribbage, curried sausages, Park Drive, Brylcream, clearance sale, overalls, jugs, quarts and seven ounce glasses. There my cunning trap has been set.

Come hither, I am a fantastic could you not?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

So this is Saturday?

Hmmn I am sure I should be feeling bad about something.......

I have just finished my second grilled cheese sandwich and I just have to say, I make the best grilled cheese.

My television viewing pleasure consists of shit(much like my night), hence why I am paying you any attention.

I Have just put CH to bed after an amazing human body sound effect special consisting of shitting through the eye of a needle.

Perhaps I should not have made him clean up his own incredible all incompassing power vomit from not only the floor but half way up the walls.

Looking back, forcing him to change an extremely smelly nappie of Ella's may have been a tad harsh.

Why? earlier today CH made rather a pig of himself at the Rugby as he went along to a corporate hospitality event all beer and wine provided. Judging by the vomit, they actually provided some food....Salmon by the look.

Unsympathetic? Moi? Bet your arse.............there is nothing worse than a middle aged bloke attempting foolish student drinking games in an attempt to drink a good friend of mine under the table with the intention of sending him home, blind and in trouble with his wife.

Murphys law is a bitch.....................My friend holds his alcohol much better than soft cock CH, I could have told him that thinking of our student days.

I must admit to wondering if what CH is going through could be the sole fault of alcohol? Runny bum, in particular while still pissed? Hmmmnnn, My lord I have been in some states in my time and no matter how rat arsed I have been, I have never been like this.

The poor bastard is dribbling so much that I have him sleeping on a towel, man I cannot wait to snuggle up to that all night. I would sleep on the couch if I did not fear the possiblity of CH choking on his own vomit.

Morning is going to hurt.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy but bored??????!!!!!!

Sixty days and counting.

I need to find a way to chill, relax and just let time pass peacefully. Sixty days, two months is actually quite some time and it will not just fly by. I feel like a an upside down b sniffing mouse surrounded by hungry cats. I am really busy, not sitting on my chuff but at the same time, really bored. I have started nagging again to add interest but it just does not give me the same satisfaction any longer.

Many weeks ago I told you of a project I was working on, embroidery, well I actually finished and sent it long ago and the person in question should have it by now so I can show you and you can bask in my crafty glory. It was my first time and learning from a book was a little harder than I expected but once I get an idea there is no way I will not achieve it.

But to be fair I do wish I could learn a hobby and actually stick to it, as per usual I take the time to learn something new, get all the gear and then I get the feeling well I have done it and what is next?

You see I am a traditional type of gal!

Gooey Lemon Slice

Here at DG HQ I have been working tirelessly just for you, in order to find the most easy, fast, using products normally at hand and gob smackingly tasty treats to even wow the ladies at the CWI. This week my crusade was lemons as we seem to have an abundance of citrus and there is only so much lemon curd one can eat. Should you have any other ideas on how to use said lemons, please share.

It really is very good and it would be a crime not to share.



2 cups flour
1 cup butter

1/2 cup Icing Sugar

2 cups sugar
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup flour
4 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsps Icing Sugar


Preheat oven to temperature 350°F. Combine first 3 ingredients and press into a greased 9x13 inch baking pan. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden.

In a bowl, combine next 5 ingredients until smooth. Pour over baked crust and bake for 25-30 minutes. Cool, cut into squares, and sprinkle with Icing sugar.(if you have not got one of those handy Chelsea icing sugar shakers, get one)

Now in the spirit of all things yummy I would strongly advise adding the zest of lemons plus adding less sugar to the lemon mixture and adding more juice or jazzing it up with a bit of lime juice.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pass me the salt and lemon would ya honey

It has finally happened, I now have the Mummy attitude to match my worn and haggard Mummy body.

Twas the night before the weekend and all in the house were quite.....cos we were bloody sleeping! Two nights without Ella, unbearable anticipation and we were so knackered we could not stay up past 9.30, not even a decent shag..............mind you at present the term bumping uglies really rings true. I kid you not my entire weekend was thinking about my little girl, I had no idea the strength of co-dependancy. We went to the movies, only crap on but we went to a Movie called something like 'Lady of the water' I enjoyed the flick,very whimsicle...not going to be all that memorable however. We also planned to go to this restaurant, who would have thought the bastards would be fully booked in Blenheim! We went to Picton and spent most of the time with a crazed wide eyed look going on as man that place is seriously odd. Then to top it off I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to plan things so not to waste a moment, unfortunately this was not CH's idea of a relaxing spontaneous weekend. Bugger.

Then of course I expected my angel to see me and running through fields of daisy's with arms fully out stretched...................instead I got sullen contempt.

I have discovered why..........Nana, bless her cotton socks feed my child crap, morning, noon and night. My little cherub now refuses to drink her normal water or very weak juice and is throwing tanties for real full strength stuff. She arrived home on Sunday and four days later still has not eaten a proper meal as her stomach is still really upset. She is miserable and really being an arsehole.

What to do, first reaction was to call Nana and promptly read her the riot act. I am seething considering we did lay down the rules. Oh god I detest confrontation with anyone else other that CH. Plus I remember laughing and scoffing at parents who had similar experiences and thinking they should really loosen up. Oh feck.

Maybe that is why I am craving wine and help me loosen up. I really could go a Bulmers cider or perhaps a jug of GnT with loads of chunky lemon and limes with ice on the back porch................Margarita........god I love Margarita's, it must be nearly summer.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome to week 29

Eleven Weeks to to go!

It could be the comforting effects of guzzeling chocolate on this rainy afternoon. But do you know that feeling of standing on the gangplank of a bungy bridge and the heavy weight of that huge rubberband pulling you towards earth. Pure excitement. There is far too few times in our lives where we are balancing on the cusp of something that sends shivers down your spine.

Today I am there, as I take this moment alone and toddler free just you and me and a baby makes three. I am terrified and yet I am excited on the journey that we as a family are about to embark upon. I am so excited about the prospect of meeting our new edition it is almost unbearable. Seeing her face, touching her fingers and being enthralled about the miracle of life and hoping I have not given her my feet and high hair line! Will she look like her Daddy, will she look like her sister, what colour hair? Soon.

We have so very much to do as we have organised little but now I guess I can pin my ears back and go for it as really we do not have long to wait.

I am not one to wish my life away and I know there are times coming before she gets here that will be tough but I shall attempt to enjoy every moment while she is in my belly when I do not have to share her.

Friggin Murphy

It has been awhile since my last blogging. I have been sulking.

Previously said childless weekend was replaced with regular child weekend, teamed with onslaught of family-in-law staying. I am a lucky girl.

That will teach me for being so darn excited about it it the first place. However good things happen to those who wait and if all the moons align it may just happen this weekend. As with every other aspect of my life I of course will be ignoring it. Hopefully it will just creep up on me and actually happen.

Now let us all rejoice for today is a good day. I have just discovered that the red place has Cadbury Dairy Milk Value packs 400g for $2.99. Given that this is my main squeeze these days I shall not be moving from the couch for the rest of the day. I have never liked plain chocolate before unless it was really good blow your head off stuff. At the moment, my god it is fantastic. There is no accounting for taste.

Since I last wrote I really think that the reality of living in Blenheim has become a good one. I have met some really lovely like minded people and joined a couple of groups and actually having some fun.

To make myself more at home I have been building a herb garden and nearly finished a salad garden and within the next couple of week hopefully I will have an area prepared for planting tomatoes. Fantastic.