Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Living the good life again

Oh did I tell you what I spent Sunday doing? Bum up and head down pulling weeds I tell you! We have got a friend with a lifestyle block just sitting there so we have embarked on a garden to feed our family, fantastic!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lemon detox a GOOOOOOOO well at least in a week or two after I have eaten a few things

I worked last night and it was my worst night ever. No, I was not face to face with with death and horrid accidents. I was simply incompetent. I have never made so many foolish mistakes in the history of my life and kept blundering from one to another and everytime staring blankly in complete wonder at my total bulls up.

Do not fret it was not life or death stuff but I was a ditz and finding my shortfalls really hard to cope with today. How foolish but hell what a fright, have I suddenly turned into a airhead? More importantly do the big boobs and blonde hair come with it?

Actually I think the latter does. I threw a big wobbly at my hair about a month ago and vowed and declared to lob the mess off once and for all. A month on I still feel the same so I have decided to give it another month and allow to grow as much of the ratshit colour out then shave it off and dye the rest blonde. I am so very sick of dying my hair dark only to awake a day or so later with buggery grey bits poking through. I know, I know being a blonde is hardly going to magic away my silver threads but in the very least I hope to disguise it more. Besides it will be the shortest hair I will have ever had and to be truthful I cannot imagine it to look that good as I am all old and warty with a massive head but still I feel like doing it. Yes you are right, perhaps my senses have taken leave.

Lordy I have also been real bad again and just spent more money on a detox diet.. Yes my latest thing as I feel so very crap and have decided that with my new exercise plan that I need something else, a clean slate perhaps. So I have purchase the "lemon diet detox" and I will explain the process later but for now if I can just believe the claims made I will be feeling amazing within seven days of the detox and really really wanting that. I shall keep you posted.

Off to do an Ambulance driving course/test this weekend and given last nights performance.....................................I am shitting my pants......argh........breathe..........

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What we had for dinner last night

Lamb steaks on a bed of garlic and lemon sauteed spinach, drizzled with a Tahini sauce and served with a lovely Morrocan lentil and rice pilaf.

I also made Cherry, Coconut, white chocolate and cream cheese muffins, sounds good but dissapointing really

Give me strength

I well and truly fell off the wagon yesterday, I had Chocolate Cake, coke, chips, Burger king's new burger(which I enjoyed) a snickers bar and about 12 Cadbury's Roses Chocolates(give or take a few as it was a bit of a feeding frenzy) and to be honest I feel like repeating the process today accept I would get some higher quality chocolates...........................Now there is an Idea
Hmmn, just in case you were wondering what my children would look like if they look like their daddy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Women are amazing

Apart from the fact I am too much of a bitch, really like men, love make up and the thought of going down of a woman's fishy hairy bits repulsive I reckon I would make a great lesbian.

We just had one of our gals nights out on tues night and it was the usual story I was looking for a way out within seconds of getting the invite and really would have rather stayed home in my skody dressing gown being spooned my CH watching crappy telly. I am so glad I went as I am surrounded by the coolest bunch of ladies, all amazing with skills I would love to emulate. It was such a fantastic night, we laughed non stop for hours, HAD PUDDING, HAD WINE and talked about the most ridiculous things from New Zealand Modern history, to chocolate bar flavours in England(yes I will be futher investigating this one). It is honestly just amazing to get about with a group of people that really are at a similar time and place as you and all seem to be the full quid. Encouraging really.

The pain the pain

I swear to you that this is the gods honest truth.

I have been walking every day for the last five days!!!!!!!!

I KNOW!!!!!! its hysterical but this is the most exercise I have done in my adult life and I am a bit chuffed(and chaffed) with myself actually.

We have yet another house guest here and I took her out for a walk to join us and I thought we were going to have to carry her at one point, but on the upside while she was as red as a berry and on the point of collapse I was jogging on the spot. Man she must have been really hating me at that moment but the point being that just a few short weeks ago that exploding tomato face was me and my my I have improved.

I still cannot claim to be enjoying the whole exercise thing but it is really impacting on my life. As you all know, one of my joys in life is my afternoon(or whenever I can) 'Nana Naps' Geez I just love them and keep trying to find new and interesting excuses to have them. This week however I could not. Now I really really did try and have put the hard yards in to get myself into dribbling slumber but without success. Hell I even pulled the curtains one day and even on the day I really needed sleep as I worked the night shift Monday night. I just could'nt! I really do seem to have much more energy, perhaps exercise is not evil after all................!!?#!? did I just type that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........perhaps aliens really have taken over my body. That could actually explain alot.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain of the Children

I am quite this morning, a little lost in my own thoughts and more than comfortable with it

After waiting months to see this lastest Vincent Ward offering I finally got to go last night. What an experience, it was visually amazing with many scenes that squeezed your heart and tightened your chest and made it impossible to breathe with the only possible relief was to let the tears flow and hope the person sitting next to you has the manners to ignore you entirely.

I urge you all to go, as I am sure it is the best telling of some of our more recent history, It certainly will not answer your questions but will peak your curiosity and urge you to seek knowlege. I loved seeing Puhi footage from the original doco, to see how she moved and the words chose and her polished leather skin. I really liked her son Niki and I am sure if he was around now he would be the most amazing man to speak with. He was something special, and for the sake of his family I am glad they can now be proud rather than just not mention him. I am not sure it will translate as well on DVD, this is something you must see on the big screen.

Oh Puhi and to all your lost children my thoughts are with you today.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well I have a new badge to sew on my parental brownie smock!

Today we ventured into the unknown territory of 'Family Potraits' Many of our friends have well travelled this path and the fruits of their labour grace their wall, but today was a first for us and it was blooming horrible.

In fact I cannot even discuss it as the flash backs are too much but here are is the short version,

Sleepless night wondering what to wear.
A whole morning changing my mind.
Putting makeup on for the first time in ages and feeling like a $5 hooker
Pops screaming, picking her nose or finger in her ear digging
Ella with the cheesiest pose
Bribery with Ice cream

All this for a ten minute sitting and a $10 photo and then they will charge you hundreds of $ to get more photos
I know you will find this near on impossible to believe BUT out of the last seven days I have exercised for four of them! Yes and next the seas will be boiling and plagues of locusts will strip your crops!

I must admit my motivation for getting out of the house as I realised something quite important last week. I have very limited patients for sick people, even those I love more than life itself. Quite an epiphany really as this is coming from someone who really thought Nursing would be a great career choice.

It has been a hell of a couple of weeks with poor Ella getting a bilateral Tonsillectomy/adnoid/grommets and the poor lil bugger is still in pain but constantly jacked up on Strawberry pamol. I think she has a problem and we are going to have to go cold turkey on the sweetened syrup. Mind you if you listen to the lastest media releases she should perhaps not have it anyway. Both my children have had pamol since their first immunisation as directed by the doctor and both have Asthma.

The scary part is that her attitude is so very bad I came within a hares breath of headbutting her when she was throwing a Oscar winning giant tantrum in my arms! Scary stuff! Next I will be cutting off CH’s Bullocks for leaving the toilet seat up!

But as horribly tough this past fortnight has been it has been really amazing to watch my little girls world open up and see her face light up when she hears something she has never heard before like an air plane flying over head or gravel hitting under the car on a road, weird things that we all take for granted but are just magic for her.

So begins another week, once again we will have an extra guest in our home to take care of, I need to study and for the love of god I need to learn to back the Ambo using only mirrors I JUST CANNOT SEEM TO DO IT WITHOUT TURNING AROUND! I also need to see the latest Vincent Ward flick but it is only here for one week and who can I con to go with me. I will also endeavour to exercise some more and eat more vegetables, contemplate more on my latest idea of shaving my head and come up with new and interesting ways to squeeze more time into my day.