Sunday, December 09, 2007

Does it get any better than this?

The perfect day, low cloud and mist settleling in the valley around, smothering all brightness except the twinkle of fairy lights, snuggling under soft blankets with cuddly children, watching The Lion King while eating warm home made piklets with fresh cream and straberry jam.

This is my day no wonder I cannot think about New Years resolutions as honestly there is nothing I would change!

St Johns update

Oh did I mention that I have made it through to the first interview stage for becoming a paramedic? Interview on the 19th, how very exciting!

The day after the morning after

Monday.............................Baking day.....................................

I have that horrible niggling feeling that I have completely forgotten something very important.

Christmas lights on, electronic babysitter on, still in PJ's, chocolate within an arms reach(but not a chubby toddlers digit) Nope it does seem that everything is normal and well with the world. I guess it is just the after alcohol blues. I have no idea why I bother really, well yes I do as I am much better at it than CH. All of yesterday the self pitying sad arse vomited the whole day until his nose bled. Sad bastard.

I too was feeling poorly, as pale as alabaster, cold sweats and the near embarrassment of coming close to dropping draws and doing unspeakable things in a friends garden. Quite a good night, by all accounts, Looking fabulous in my casual attire, my new favourite dress. Although everyone kept calling me Dorothy and hiding their cigarettes in my pockets..............................I do not really understand, Dorothy never had a neckline as plunging!

I really feel like sulking and hiding today and I perhaps stay in my silky gown all day. I wish I could sleep some more as I am having really vivid dreams that I awake almost more tired than when I went to sleep. I do love dreams and especially love the haunting ones that stick with you all day. I am dreaming about having threesomes lately, what do you think that means? Last nights consisted of some middle aged sex therapist/hooker CH had invited into our bedroom to give me a good time! man alive I was so wild and angry in the dream I must have some suppressed rage somewhere.

The night before I too was taken over with rage and with pure eloquence and reaching booming voice with no mercy proceeded to tell someone what I really thought of them. That would never happen again as really it has only happened once.

The previous night yet another threesome with another fellow some I also love but never in this was really loving and amazing. Super dream I need more of those. Is there a pill I can take? The most amazing part of the dreams as that CH will do anything and is self sacrificing to ensure my happiness. Perhaps that is it?

I must try and find a book to tell me what the dreams mean as I have no wish for threesomes, fantastic and fun when young, silly and single...........................I have enough past exploits to last a life time, so its not that.

In my dreams I always end up running and getting the hell out of dodge. Nearly always filled fear, murderers and being chased but always winning. I guess I can be thankful for that.

My own Cinema that plays just for me...................................quite cool really.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Yes you may have some cake and no driving afterwards!

Well I did it finally cracked the Playgroup I go to and it only took three weeks! I did have my doubts as the ladies were not the most welcoming but I finally wooed them with my winning personality and delicious skills on edibles and off I go to a coffee at someones place on Friday. Mind you I could be off to a tar and feathering for all I know.

It was my theory if I just kept turning up they could not ignore me forever. I swear it is much harder to get into a beach Mothers group than it is to get into our Army museum and steal millions of dollars worth of hard earned medals.............................if we go to war may god protect us as our men and women in green are unlikely to!

Oh my Christmas cakes are amazing, so blooming rich and alcoholic that once swallowed you would swear you had a nip if whiskey as the warming feeling is the same. I have indeed found a keeper recipe.

Oh yes off down to Ashvegus for Christmas and Christ on a scooter I am actually looking forward to it! I know!!!!! The devil must be skating on an ice rink, I knew I had gone soft but this is akin to Helen Clark singing "Happy Birthday to Mr President" while dressed as Marylin to John Keys.

Geez I hope I am not dying!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


My first ever iced Christmas cakes I am well underway to rival Martha. Actually I must say that I am quite chuffed as it took no time at all(under an hour) and look at the result imagine how cool things could look if.........................
#1 I knew how to ice cakes
#2 Actually planned and though about it.

I cannot wait for next year then!

Right I must go as we are having people over for dinner this evening and I am about to find if I can buy any canneloni in this meat and two vege town

Christmas at the langdons!

Would you believe at last count we have nearly 900 pretty lights scattered throughout our home! Feck I love Christmas! Right nearly finished my Christmas cake too!