Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why did the Monkey Chase the Ambulance?

There is something fundamentally wrong when you giggle all the way to your job and all the way home once you have completed a 12hour shift. It is just mad I am having an abosolute ball and near piddle myself with excitment when off racing, sirens blaring to help someone who needs it.

I finally came face to face with blood and as suspected was than comfortable with the situation and for the love of god I GOT TO DRIVE THE AMBULANCE WITH A PATIENT IN THE BACK!!! Just crazy, it went well but could have gone better if someone had told me about everything being back to front so the wipers were going when trying to indicate, not good for the ole nerves.

Lordy we actually have just bought two, three bedroom homes in Kawarau for the princely sum of $220K for them both!!!! I know.............sounds a bargain but really risky for us as although it is the hottest place in NZ but apart from a mill there is not much there, its about 20 minutes from Whakatane and about 45 from Rotorua. But of push comes to shove we could live in one or sell again. Interestingly enough Kawarau was the only place to show good growth in housing prices in the last update so all fingers crossed.

Right I had best go and do something as the housework is piling up and I really should go play with my eldest.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


What an amazing night, speeding, lights whirling, running to the Ambo, stretcher carting, rushing patients to the Emergency Department(surprisingly no Dr Mcdreamy)t, wearing a fluro Jacket and even talking on the radio!

Really amazing and exhilarating and already I just feel great, like all of a sudden the fog has lifted and now I have complete clarity.
It will be hard work and the protocols to be followed are lengthy and the training immense to put it into perspective I cannot give anything stronger than an asprin until around two years of study.

But heck that was just my first shift 7pm until 7am. My next shift is on Saturday so I wonder what I will experience then. Today I took Ella into the station so she could see what Mummy is doing when she is working and the Staff was talking about the days jobs and it was really quite harrowing. I can only but wonder how I will react to my first death. Already last night I found myself paying close attention to the patients and gleaning much about their lives from any clue I could to form an opinion and wonder about their life and how the live it. It is all so brand spanking new and it is wonderful to feel adrenalin pumping, I feel amazingly lucky as it is not often we get to do something for the first time and I have a whole lifetime of first times coming my way.

I just feel so proud to be learning an amazing new skill that could be life changing, I feel proud to be doing something for my community as it is good for the soul. I feel thankful I have so many friends who give me support and encouragement and share in my excitement.

What else can I say…………………………………………. ……….Yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Waitangi/New Zealand/just another day off Day

Have you been watching the coverage of Waitangi day on the news? Did you also feel stomach gripping ready to unload all of its contents? Perhaps it is just me.

I simply cannot see Mr John Keys as anything other than a snivelling little swotty tell tale schoolboy. He just makes my skin crawl. If I sit down and listen to the man he comes across almost fine but there is something about his actions that completely undermine anything that falls from his mouth. I cannot explain it but there is no way I would vote for him.

I may not be a big Hairy Helen Clark lover but I do applaud her not going to Waitangi as it is little about the remembering the Treaty and more about stutting peacocks. Speaking of that what about Hone Harawira, Maori Party MP for the Tai Tokerau? Now that feller is something to be admired, provided he does not go on walk about. I cannot say I like the man but love listening to him being interviewed and is a fantastic media manipulator; I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree. I am currently reading a Sara Donati book where the characters are Mohawk Indians and they have names like 'Falling day and Runs with wolves and Many doves'. My name for Hone would be 'Cruising shark'

I was just thinking to myself how I would love to have someone like Hone on our side and not against us. A bit of a Freudian slip I feel. As these thoughts have come from a person who loves Maori culture and is truly interested in learning, tries hard to pronounce the language and incorporates the language in everyday life, whose children wear ponamu and hopefully one day I dream for my children to feel comfortable on a Marae. That is the first time I have felt there is an us and a them but who is who is very unclear. If I am feeling this way god only know what people who disrespect Maori and/or Non Maori are feeling. Scary stuff

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poorly Poppy. Yet again she has not quite unfinished her last antibiotics and she is unwell with a temperature. Friends we played with on Friday have the pox of the chicken variety. I am not sure how long it takes to get them but am keeping my eyes peeled, Ella has spots on her legs but does not feel unwell so who knows.

Oh you know that finacial adviser I told you of and how good we felt about it WELL in saturdays Mail was the bill and $760 later!!!! frickin heck!!!!! I am wild and feel screwed. I shall let you know.


Thanks for that Ella!

My first shift on the Ambulance is coming really fast...........................I am so nervous and underconfident on so many levels, I know I have support from Jason but not 100% that I am sure of as he detests the idea of me leaving the home and not getting paid for it. I need to do this for me. Just breathe

Poppy meets Tama

Summer in Whakatane has been far superior to any other summer I have experienced. Saturday night was spent in the rose gardens with hundreds of picnic rugs, children running riot and listening to a Wellington Jazz band Shaken not stirred. It was fantastic even CH got up a strutted his fancy side together in broad daylight!

It really was fabulous, the weather was deliciously warm, the wine and beers flowed freely and everybody was very relaxed. Poppy spent the time flitting from rug to rug trying to muscle in on a new family or running very fast in alternating directions and trying in vain to get on the stage as she was completely enthralled by the lead female singer. Ella was happy snacking on picnic fare and pulling out her classic 'run in a circle dance'

We lost Ella. It was terrible, our back was turned as we packed up and she saw an opportunity and buggered off. All our friends hunting for the little brat and luckily I found her on the otherside of the park, far away from the music and next to the blooming river, by jesus it was about then Ella was thankful for Sue Bradfords little law.

I guess the only thing we noticed was the clear class distinction of the event. Sure, jazz does not appeal to all but surely in a place where 40% of the community are Maori you would see a similar representation. Less than 5% would be more accurate. It was exactly the same to celebrate Christmas at carols by candle light. I am not sure what the reason could be as they are all free events and fabulous for kids all you need is time.

We spoke to Tama as he rode his bike to the event and Ella is very into bikes as she promptly checked out his wheels and proudly declared that soon she will be three and she will get a bike if she is good(highly unlikely at this stage) Tama said that was good as a bike will take her everywhere(thats what I am afraid of!) Poppy was intrigued by Tama, shied away at first then he held out his hand and she reached for it looking intently into his face. She has always done this and possesses a look far above her years that counts and weighs somebody with her all seeing eyes. Quite unnerving when most of the time she is left wanting.