Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Girls

Here they are, Miss Ella now a big school girl at 5 and Miss Poppy who is far too cool for school at 3

Long gone but not forgotten

I fully intended this post to be one of personal growth and reflection on the years past turmoil and how I have slayed demons and give some reason for my lack of blogging over the past year.

Shove that up your arse, I am all over emotional tree hugging sandal wearing bullocks, in fact I may just start nibbling on dreaming kittens while they sleep. Why not? I feel like I have eaten just about everything else!

All you really need to know is I am putting my big girls pants on.........literally...damn those forsaken subway cookies!

My creativity has started welling again and I have been up to some truly life altering stuff, so ladies keep those incontinent sheets handy as you may just pee your pants laughing at my new adventures.

I will over time start filling you in on the year that has been, minus all the boring yabbering bits. I need to do this more as without meaning to I have become a slave to that fickle bitch facebook and the ease of it all.................cringe I am tempted......... No more! curses on all your houses facebook! It is not good for the soul, besides I have people all over this world whom I truly love and miss and as I refuse to willingly talk on the telephone................................well they are just missing out on the word according to Jody and who am I to deny the masses their sleeping pill in text form.