Monday, January 30, 2006

Stop pissing in my pocket and tell me it's raining!

Here is a wee ditty from the keyboard of the worlds biggest girls blouse. Mrs Howling blubbering pants. Tis I.

I know I have whinged on this subject in the past but please when is this dodgy malfunctioning emotional see-saw going to end? Yesterday prime example, I was absolutely beside myself over that south american baby fished from the river, and has consumed my thoughts since.

I am baffled as to how the mother of that child could dress the babe in all her finery and then allow her to sail away to almost certain death.

It lead me to thoughts on my own life. Poxy hormones. How could a mother say goodbye to her child? My birth mother told me a tale on how I came to the family I grew up with. I call it a tale as it is so far fetched and even though it has been proven to me to be true, it has always seemed a little unbelievable. Until now.

In the back of my mind I guess I only half believed her tale. The half that did not believe her, also thought badly of her for sending me up the river. How could she.

But she did'nt, she never said goodbye, she never got the chance.

I turned my back on her nine years ago. She has no idea I got married, travelled or that she is a grandmother. I have no idea even if she lives. Occasionally I try and search for her via the web but I am so inexperienced it is a waste of time. Besides she has changed her name a couple of times in her life, it makes sense she would do it again.

I guess although we build bridges, occaisionally some bastard puts up a toll booth.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Go buy a razor you hippy I aye

I love trees, infact my CH dislikes greatly taking me on long drives as nine times out of ten I am overlwhelmed by the look of trees and have a huge desire to capture their beauty.

Am I the only one to feel complete distaste of the public arse raping of George Bernard Shaw the Auckland property developer who felled a 100 year old Pohutakawa tree. Hmmn yes it was a very old tree by our standards and I can certinly imagine how stunning it was.

The poor bastard was lucky not to have been paraded through the streets of Auckland wearing nothing but a cardboard sign detailing his crime and having small children throw rotten vegies and cow pats at him. Now I am being silly it would not be veryNZ PC to throw actual spoiled food at him as somewhere in the world someone would have eaten it.

I do not agree with what this chap has done but what frightens me most it the loss of right to do what we wish upon our own property. Sure there are lines drawn but I am not talking about opening a kiddy fiddling knock shop that drowns puppies as a sideline. It was just a tree on the chaps property, If the public loved the tree so much perhaps they should have payed the rates for Mr Shaw.

I found the whole event 'Lord of the Flies' like, everyone involved had a blood lust gleam in their eyes and was fully willing to lynch the poor fellow, by my observations all very caught up with the moment. These are the type of people who burned witches.

It was not me, it was not you

This has been longest time without a good blogging. How the heck have I continued to live a full and rather well adjusted life without sorting my thoughts with a good blog.

Simple, everytime I had a thought I put it in my pocket and somewhere along the way I must have blooming dropped it.

Lucky for you.

Monday, January 09, 2006

A trip to the op shop

Yesterday I had nearly two hours of child free time and I choose to spend it wading through a $2 clothing warehouse. It was glorious. I adore looking through racks of clothing. I feel it is like thousands of snatches of time and I am privvy to it all. I have particular passion for homemade clothing and find it really difficult to leave one on the rack. The time and effort someone puts into an item of clothing be it out of neccesity or creative prowess I find it all rather special. My favourite item from yesterday is a slightly below the knee A-line skirt in the fabric as shown. Homemade of course with a lovely old button. I also got this green gingham dress!! I kid you not this is very Dorothy/Bretheren, homemade and I am not sure if I would wear it out side of home but I love it all the same.

Next stop aprons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


How about trying to distress less over imaginings.
This week I week I will mostly be eating, Laxatives

Whine anyone?

I am quite the good girl nowdays. I have a Mummy badge and now the chest to pin it on.

Thankfully these days life is no longer a series of pub toilets, lipstick covered ciggarettes and the eternal search for a new and interesting beverage that automatically makes you far more fashionable than any other.

Some say most things are like riding a bike. This is not so. I am crap at drinking.

As a rule I equate New years eve with gougeing my eyes with rusty fish hooks whilist wiping my arse with sliced chillies.

This year was spent with friends, sharing children and child free time, yummy platter in the sun with a veiw of the harbour, bubbles, beer and benedictine. Followed by a fabulous brunch which was well needed as I was hung over.

Pathetic really. I was so keen to get on the road and travel home so I could sleep it off on the way, all manners were thrown out the window and I totally forgot to thank them for a lovely brunch and place to stay. I will do that later, but I still feel like crap. Today I plan to drink lots of water, eat fruit and flush out the evil.

The New Year

Christmas is over, tree is coming down, I am three kgs heavier than two weeks ago and I still feel like my eyes are two piss holes in the snow. I am actually hung over from all things christmassy. I feel like I have been on a two week drug induced bender. I still have a bit over three Kgs of choccie to eat and today will finish the christmas ham.

This week I have mostly been eating HAM

Cold ham, fried ham, ham sandwhiches, ham omelet, ham pasta, leftover ham pasta, ham and melon salad and who could forget the ham and pineapple pizza.

Not to sound ungrateful but let me just say I am not really looking forward to lunch and dinner.


You could say I have an outstanding cat.

Currently she is out standing on the deck with zero chance of coming inside.

Ch is currently plotting her demise while I defend her honor without really meaning it. She has always been great with the baby, but unfortunately she 'accidently' somehow managed to sink her claws into both sides of the face just to get a grip to embed her teeth into baby's forhead.

Oh dear, and of course she is my cat. Which roughly translated, is my fault.

I have a punctured child. I was just speaking to friends yesterday about the first time we see our childs blood. Oh well at least I am over that.