Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pum jam, preserved plum, plum tart, plum sauce, plum pudding

Just when you start to think that you ankles look pretty hot in these new parenting shoes some bugger tries to bite your nipple off!

Baby Bobbit we shall call the previously mentioned bugger. I have always been pro breast feeding in fact I even did a breast feeding course and even managed to get CH there(major achievement and to his credit he fully encourages other men to go). I will not even begin to tell you how hard I found it but the end result is I now love it and believe it nurtures an amazing bond between mother and child. Poppy has always been a shit to feed, always preferred the drive in option, no time for pissing about, used to clench and bite when the letdown was not fast enough, if I talked to someone, if the TV was too loud, if somebody moved……you name it. In complete contrast is Ella, whom I fed until she was well over one and only stopped because I was pregnant, she was a joy to feed. People often asked me how I fed through teething and how I coped with biting of a child so old. My face would cringe a little, grasp my boob and have that knowing look……..quietly thinking I must be a double hard bastard…………….I now know this to be complete Mock disdain. All those little nips and clenches were nothing.

Currently there is a nipple disguised as a ‘Nurple’ on my boob, Anyone missing a overripe plum? This is not mild discomfort, this so sore I cannot sleep on that side. The worst of it is, she has her favourite one to bite and as hard as it is to continues feeding, the little sod keeps doing it, I am almost in the fetal position just thinking about it. I now have to be vigilant and watch everything that little mouth is doing for the moment the milk stop flowing she eyeballs me adjusts her grip then CHOMP. It is like Russian roulette, can I get my finger in her mouth and release suction quicker than she can stay in for a bite to eat. The looks she gives is priceless.

She is feeding less and less and I do wonder if she is self weaning, I cannot say I am ready yet but in truth I do not think you ever are, I still give Ella a bottle at night just for the closeness and to have her stay in the one spot for more than a minute.

Well only a couple more hours until the next feed........................................cringe

Thursday, July 12, 2007

oh well

Do a search on Whakatane, CH suggests.................................................. look what I found

Black Power agrees to ban patches in town
Photo : NZPA
Black Power leaders and police have reached a landmark agreement for the gang to "colour down" in an effort to reduce gang tensions in Whakatane.
The accord follows a violent street battle that erupted between about 30 Black Power members and Opotiki Mongrel Mob members in downtown Kopeopeo on June 28.
A sword, knives, wooden bats and planks of wood were used as weapons in the vicious all-in brawl, which took place amid crowds of schoolchildren making their way home.
It began after patched Mongrel Mob members gathered in Kopeopeo to await the release of a body of one of their members from a funeral parlour.
Local Black Power members took exception to their presence and display of gang regalia leading to a violent clash.
Senior Sergeant Bruce Jenkins, of the Whakatane police, said they were also aware of "further simmering of tensions" last weekend in central Whakatane, involving local and out-of-town gang members outside bars late at night.
Whakatane has for many years been known as a Black Power town, while outlying areas, including Taneatua and Kawerau, are Mongrel Mob strongholds.
Mr Jenkins said that following the Kopeopeo brawl, police and Black Power hierarchy had come together in an endeavour to prevent any more violence and quell tensions.
All members of the gang had agreed to ban the wearing of patches, bandannas and other regalia while in town.
Opotiki police had held similar talks with the Opotiki Mongrel Mob about the June 28 incident.
The agreement did not go as far as one in Wanganui, where the district council had moved to create a bylaw to ban gang regalia and colours from the central business district and all other public places in the city.
Mr Jenkins said the agreement to colour down would go a long way to making Whakatane a safer place, enabling Black Power to maintain a passive presence and be part of the community, without creating friction.
"This effectively means Whakatane is a patch and gang regalia free town, which outsiders also need to take notice of."
Police were also working to identify and address the underlying causes of last weekend's tensions and had called another meeting with local gang leaders to help speed the constructive dialogue between all parties.
Mr Jenkins said police had impressed on the gangs the need to take a more mature and responsible attitude and not resort to violence as a means of settling their differences.
"Things have been working well up until recently and we want to restore any mutual understanding or unwritten rules that have been in place, which has seen very little gang tension over the past few years.
"A gang war in Whakatane would have a huge social and economic impact. Both gangs need to step back and let the police do their job. This includes staying away from town if they can't help but taunt each other.
Police would also visit local bars and licensees, in an endeavour to identify and trespass any troublemakers.
"Both sides need to get a very clear message -- that anyone found stepping out of line will be dealt with very firmly by the police."
Four Black Power gang members were arrested following the June 28 fracas and charged with rioting, participating in an organised criminal group, possession of offensive weapons, obstructing police and resisting arrest.
They have appeared in Whakatane District Court and remanded on bail to July 17.


If if's and but were lollies and nuts it would be blooming Christmas every day.

Well no news is good news huh! Not fecking likely girls. All it really means is that someone somewhere is pissing about. I am lost again with no direction and we all know this means disaster for the next poor bastard I get ahold of.

This Whakatane business is driving me insane to the point of infiltrating my dreams. I give it so little respect I cannot even get the name right half the time and keep referring to it as Wanganui, which apparently is vastly different............................................ARSE. Fuckatane.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The round up

I perhaps have neglected to mention a thing or two.

Firstly I have been toddler free for almost a week as Grandma took Ella to Wellington. I with not a shadow of exaggeration have had a abslolute ball, loving every separated minute. That in itself has been the source of much guilt but to be kind to myself I really needed the break as the little bugger was wearing me down. It has taken a week to get back on track and it has been amazing just being able to focus on my little Poppy, we have had the most lovely time and she has made me smile all week. She is going through that incredibly cuddly stage and just looks at you with her big baby blues with unconditional love and smiles and giggles at everything you do.

I have also chopped all my hair off and dyed it black, to those who know me from old it is like welcoming an old friend to my new friends it is one hell of a shock. I think it looks quite good but more importantly I feel more like I am a new and improved, repackaged model of an old and warty mother.

What do you know about Whakatane? CH has been asked to consider transferring to the north island to futher his career and look after three stores in the Bay of Plenty. I have reservations.
I do not know what is more unnerving, going to The Bay of Plenty or the fact I have reservations. I never have reservations about moving. I love to move and change and have always looked forward to new things with excitement. This time however it is making my skin crawl. What to do, what to do. It could be not having confidence in myself, it could be some silly hormones running through my body, it could be being tired and anxious.

Which makes me wonder about when should our bodies be all systems running well after child birth and breast feeding? Is there a time frame? We are all told things about post natal depression and the like but is there other times you should know about when your hormones try hang you? I have not been very well for a few months now so I am looking at changing a thing or two to see if I can make a difference. Every morning I am having a fruit non dairy spiralina smoothy with flaxseed oil and attempting to do more exercise as well as a good womens multi and lastly a big increase of vegetables and whole grains. It has only been a week so very early days but a positive step none the less.

Sleep is also a big issue and until last week I had not slept more than three hours in one stint in well over16 months. I have had some really strange experiences of late and wondering if somehow I can put it down to not sleeping. Poppy as you know is an horrific sleeper and will cry all night, on a bad night every twenty minutes until about 3am. We have tried many many things. Last week we went to the Doctor to once again see if there is anything wrong or alternatives like cranial minipulation. We left like two stunned mullets as in our hands we had a bottle of sedative. We both felt a little unhinged about using it but decided that to keep our family stong we had to get sleep. That night we got it out and found a syringe to measure the appropriate amount and got ready to use it.

The little bugger slept through! only until 4am but SHE SLEPT THROUGH! and she has done so every night since! The best thing we ever did was threatening her with sedation. I am glad we did not use it but also wary and relieved we have it just in case this new wonder does not last.

Its a sign

31 years old, to some it would be a milestone they reached in their youth and to others an impossibly distant middle age, for me it will go down in my history book as the year my nasal hair kicked in.

I have often looked at my husband nose and more often that not there is a thick black hair trying hard to escape and I even thoughtfully purchased him a lovely matt silver nasal trimmer for christmas one year. Reminds me of one of my favourite childhood books 'The Twits'

I cannot even say my nose is even close to that but is it only a matter of time? You see I have bogey nose of late it could be the result of having a cold for nearly a solid two months but the other day I hopped into my car, checked the rear mirror and was something was grinning back at me from up my nose! How long had it been there? Why had I not felt it? Son of a biscuit I must have a bush up my nose to hold up something and defy gravity like that! am I now going to be the 'bogey woman?' You know we all make names up for others we do not take the time to learn their names, mostly unkind in nature like 'Smelly woman' or 'winge woman' here...............................not a whif of it.................

Robots in disguiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Autobots TRANSFORM! roars fricking master of all Optimus Prime,
Megatron and his mentalist Decepticons are in range of the Energon Cube, allowing said baddies to obtain the cube will mean genocide for mankind!

Oh my gosh I am such a geek, I loved this movie. The best action flick I have seen in sometime. Real apple pie and punch the air stuff, but fantastic. The CGI was amazing, really funny too.

You gotta go. Even just to escape the drudges of the everyday go and immerse your self in warm buttery popcorn goodness.