Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crue and unusual punishment

How do we even begin to be good parents? With the modern ideals of todays world and slogans hurled around like 'be all you want to be' We have decided to be polynesian parents, yes all you need to do to be a good polynesian daddy is bash other drivers with a claw hammer. Look, I truly do understand where the wife of the assailant is coming from. People will generally do anything to protect their family unit. In fact two weeks within having Ella someones grandma tried to crash into our vehicle. Jason of course was absolutely beside himself and I continued driving as I knew grandma was about to be scared some more. However, I am not sure if a claw hammer would have been my husbands weapon of choice and threatening the lady with a pocket protector would not have had the same intensity.

Could this even have been avoided with just a few manners, a frank sorry? I have often wondered about the London bombers could a smilar courtesy have put a question to their plans. Everyone does it, I am extremely guilty of it myself. Be it on a subway, bus or just walking down the street, do you acknowledge people with a smile or nod or do you soft out and look out the window or at something very interesting on the floor. A smile can literally change someones whole life.

I am involved in a group called parents as first teachers and today we are going to explore a sensory development room at QEII. This is a three year commitment and since it is our first time out of the blocks we thought it would be ideal to have someone watch over how we develop our first child. It is quite basic and mainly common sense but to have someone with no bias yelling encouragement on the sideline is fantastic. However, I have hit a bit of a speed bump. Through this organisation I have been exsposed to many others, last week we had a speaker come to one of the classes and tell us of these amazing courses we can do with our babies and all for free. Swimming lessons, music and movement. I was rapt as the classes I was enrolling in was $10 a pop. As I read the other classes available the print at the bottom of the page said CLASSES RUN BY MAORI FOR MAORI. I love our te reo and Maori culture and want to involve Ella in Kohunga and it is also quite likely I speak more Maori than most Maori. Yet I cannot prove if I am Maori or not Maori. Do I pay or not? I have never felt so much class distinction in my life as I do now as a Parent.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Political blunder down under

Yes, it is Election time once again and this is to be an election like no other. It is truly a political lolly scramble with politicians that could be compared to pedoephiles offering little sweeties to boys and girls. Bribes are running rampant and I must admit to being tempted by the lure of extra gold and riches in our single income house hold. $55 dollars a week extra is huge for us at the moment, but will I vote for the extra cash and forgo our no nuke policy? Interesting times.

Car less days now that is a goody, last used in the seventy's to combat the last oil crisis. I am all for it as it will make me get off my bottom which can mean nothing but good things. Although it will not be qite as effective this time around as most homes have two cars and will apply for different days. I would love it if all retail outlets were closed on a Sunday, no shopping basically enforced family time.
I was never going to be one of those people who dress up their children in silly wee outfits......that was long before the pregnancy, birth, marconium nappies, sleepless nights oh I can go on. All photos to come out when she brings potential fellows around to meet mum and dad.

Just five more minutes

The eternal powerstuggle between good and evil, yin and yang or even just trying to establish who is the alpha figure, me or my six month old baby. Look, who is the mummy here and the sooner she realises that the sooner I will stop dressing her in silly wee embarassing outfits. I take my wins where I can.

I had a 'Bad Mummy' moment yesterday, I was foolishly repairing the back of her floor bouncinette (with her in it) and of course she fell out. Diving a mere ten centimeters to the floor. Oh the look of complete and utter horror she threw my way and the banshee like screaming that followed. Don't worry she paid me back by deciding 'sleeping is cheating' oh I love those 2am wake up calls.

I have just started feeding her solid food for dinner, this has been quite an adventure thus far. As expected, she loves her food, just like her mummy! She loves her vegies and I also make banana custard out of breast milk, yes a little icky and I grimace whenever I have to test the flavour or temperature, ughhhhh. This also has brought new dimension to her nappies, I will not go into the details as I am still trying the block out the experience.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A time long ago when I had an excuse to have 'cankles'

Virgin blogger, computer illiterate, infact struggling to find the blogspot I just set up. This teamed with my loose grasp on grammar, spelling and all things written could create something not even worth the time it takes to turn my computer on.

However, I have been a new mum now for nearly six months and still trying to work out if the Mummy shoes fit. I have gone from a well travelled, make up encrusted career woman to a blithering swollen blob of Mummyness. To prove my point let me describe my surroundings, soggy breast pad to my left, childrens toys scattered all over my hand picked Turkish Rug, crappy Good Morning programme polluting my vision and eardrums, chinese laundry set up composing of nappies and pumpkin stained bibs all this and I am still in my maternity pyjamas...........sigh I never even used to be allowed to wear pyjamas, now it is all I can do to hide my misshapened, stretch marked body.

I am hoping this site will be of some theraputic value for me and it will give me a chance to spill out some of lifes little idiosyncrasies. I am still painfully aware that my hormone levels are still out of whack as I can go from chuckling mild mannered all forgving wonderful person to a rampaging brutally honest bitch in a mere moment. I can still see the fear in my husbands eyes when he realises he has accidentally, left the toilet seat up.

Righto I had best go and start my day as the angel is stirring and as per usual I am starving. Today I am going to relax as I have spent the last three days painting the fence, relax, ha ha I laugh in the face of free time. Infact just to write this blog I had to forgo my shower time. Oh well stinky mummy