Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have been housebound with only my children for company this week and quite frankly, I am left wanting.

Words cannot explain how much I love my children but today I am all liked out. Constant whining, whingeing and having to listen to squealing, brawling, tale telling, sulking, tanties, room destroying, washing making, little evil shites.

As luck would have it, this morn I found I too awoke with crusty eyes and eyelashes glued to the pillow.

Ella was sweet, she looked at me and said "Oh Mama your eyes are hurt.......... NOW WHERE IS MY BREAKFAST!!!!"

I was bitten by my own poor parenting skills this morning.

Yesterday I told Ella I was sick of all the whingeing she was doing.


Me: What would you like on your toast today Ella?
E: Oh Honey thanks Mama
Me: OK then Honey it is, are your sure?
E: Yep
I then make and give her Honey on Toast
Me: You got what you asked for and you will not waste it, there is no more!

Then later,
Me: Honey why did you eat all of Poppy's morning tea?
E: She was going to waste it Mama!

I think I should just leave the pantry open and go to bed and wake up to a new day tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Gals updated

Oh dear it has been awhile.

Here is the drive in version of the month just gone.

Fashion TV is back, I am a happy girl!
Working on the back of the Ambo in a uniform fact the worse one known to man and it is no exageration to says overalls would be more flattering.
Doing courses willy nilly.
CH turned 37 and we went out for a fabulous meal, sadly not alone as the choice was eat out alone cheaply or get CH's boss to pay for stupidly exspensive meal, we chose the latter.
Learned to love fejoa's
Made a dress for Ella!
Ranted and raved alot about our media, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Baked huge amounts of goodies.
Spent a week in Wellington with the girls cousins, Aunts,uncles,nans, trains, planes, buses, zoo, mall, goats, Jim the dog, arse the cat and off spring eating fish!
I put my neck out!
Mothers day, Ella chose, I got a soap and a flannel! guess I am cutting the clean freaks pocket money, but CH got me a necklace and it was my wish for him to bake sticky date pud and he did and it was amazing! The best present.
The girls have BUNG eyes and look like pus ridden prize fighters.
Put on 3kgs! ohh I am rapt as she stuffs yet another choc in!
Got obsessed about a fizzy sherbert lolly I found in a easter egg, tracked down supplier and before you know it 2kgs arrive on my door step.
Waited for the budget 2008 lolly scramble and yes pretty happy and still strongly disliking John Keys.
Had a night out with Jase and his work, hated it! Yawn
Ohhhh bought half a cow and we have the mother load of delicious beef, no more manky plastic tasting chicken for this gal!

I think I now know where those three kgs came from.