Monday, February 26, 2007

Photo update

I have been so crap at updating you all on photos lately, here is Ella and her fella Tom(sadly ditched her and went down south) I miss you Sharyn! Here is Pops, 14 weeks old and still rules the roost and forever smiling as long as you do what she wants of course.
It is often said, 'If you have nothing nice to say then perhaps you are best saying nothing at all'

Hence the lack of blogs.

The story so far, as I am sure you are more than well aware our first potential section buying experience was not the best. We moved on and found a fantastic new section.

A large section with all amentities all on site!

Not in a sub division so no restrictions!

Someone else put in an offer before us,

The other offer expired and we were free to make an offer!

Made an offer and had the nod and a wink of being successful!
(Already had everything laid out in my head)

Found out why the previous offer fell over, Resource consent had just been given for transient accomodation directly behind and a backpackers next door. You fuckers.

We have withdrawn our offer.

I am not sure if it has been the stress of this or what it is but I have had the worst time of it in the last week or two and just feel dog tired most of the time. Ella has been somewhat trying and I have had much time being a solo parent of late and cannot say I enjoy it. Although there are some big advantages. Upon reflection I cannot even say that CH does much in the child rearing stakes for the hour that he sees his off spring, so what is it that can make solo parenting hard?
I suspect that it is not so much the help he gives me but the opportunity for me to yell and exspress some of the days frustrations at someone else other than my terrific toddler. Poor bastard. Would you want to come home to that?

I am getting my hair cut next Thursday, most excited. Although there is a slim chance of not actually having any hair by then. My hair is falling out horricfically. It happened with Ella at the twelve week mark and once I hit that point this time around, with no hair falling out I was rapt.
How silly of me to believe MY memory, I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday and there I was taking a date from my own head as gospel. Sigh It is so bad that the floor is covered with hair, every where. To wash my hair actually makes me cry as it is hand full after handful that I need to clear the plug hole a couple of times over with each shower. Last time as if to rub deep heat right into my arse crack the hair grew back least it grew back I suppose.

I was supposed to have been dieting and exercising for the last month so I could wear some old clothes..........................ahhh no. In fact I have put weight on as when I feel hard done by I just have to eat crap and oh my god have you had a Kit Kat cookie dough flavour? Oh My god, they are rocking my world, go on treat yourself today.

What to do, I have so much grey and fortnightly hair dying is not an option as bi-annually is much more accurate. I actually have a wish to shave it all off and start again with a blank canvas only I am not a Britney and would look far too butch and would most likely send me right to the looney bin.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Pricks

Although I would be lying if I said I was gutted about not obtaining the section in Seddon, but I still hate being screwed.

Here is the short version of the story. We rang Summit Realestate and were told about a section in our price range in Seddon. The flyer said 110'ooo. Although at the top of our buget(as it had no services) we offered 95. The vendor declined, which is fine so we offered 100. The vendor hung up on the Realestate agent. Rude but fine. We then increased our offer to 105, the bastard was no where to be found. We had just given up hope when CH rang the agent and said what the hell was the story. The agent then said that the vendor really wanted 110 and would sell at that. Fine 110 but that is it. A couple more days of silence and then the vendor comes back with 125'000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mutha fecker, All I can say is you Wellington underhanded arsewipe.

Man it pisses me off as we were within reach of our dream for our family only to have some fellow piss all over the carrot we were chasing, thank you very much you utter utter cock.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Further to the late breaking news I shared with you earlier, absolutely nothing positive has happened.

We had our first offer declined so we put in another offer and the vendor seems to have fallen off the edge of the world. Marvellous.

Not saying anymore as this is mostly a family blog.

Tea for two

Why is it when you seem to be already drowning in the events of the day, you go ahead and throw a little something something to ensure your stress headaches keeps on throbbing.

Today was spent going to a new playgroup, grocery shopping, washing, handmaking chocolates, Florentines and my gooey lemon square(which I completely fucked, using cornflour instead of icing sugar)

To top off my day I had an amazing idea of having a special meal with my nearly two year old daughter. I fully set the table, put out a small lovely home cooked buffet, three dishes, big girl cups and set up the chair so Ella could be a big girl and not in her high chair.

What the hell was I thinking.

I never should have done it. Already prior to dinner I was considering hiding in the corner rocking and sucking my sleeve. Today was the first time I understood what experienced battle weary parents mean when they say that one day you will wish your child could not talk. Constant tinfoil chewing gabble, the same crap over and over and over with a reaccuring theme of NO no NO no NO NO NO NO NO no

I guess I had a vision and wanted to share a lovely moment with my eldest and had fully convinced myself that because I had gone to so much effort, Ella would all of a sudden hold a conversation, eat like a well mannered child and I would be basking in my good parenting glory.

Reality was…… big girl cup poured over the table and dishes, food flung from table top to chair leg, tanties galore, food not tasting good unless it was off my plate and even then refusing to eat a meal most adults would kill for. Whilst yelling Dadda, Dadda !.............................................friggin Dadda, Dadda is away and it is the first time I have been left to wrangle these two by myself for a long period of time.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Duelling Banjo's

I think perhaps I am an arse chaser.

No, not the kind I am in my wildest dreams…….(excuse me while I day dream for a moment…..........right to continue) but the kind that is always busy, several projects on the go and of course all with scary nigh on impossible time frames. PANIC, pressure galore all with no end in sight, as I keep bringing this shit upon myself.

Yes, this is a constant theme that seems to fall out of CH’s mouth on a regular basis but to be geeky and honest I take so much joy in doing things for others that is quite unexpected. I am THAT person who gets pissed off when the motorist driving in front of me is courteous and has the foresight to let another car in the traffic flow. Prick! I wanted to be that person!

Anyhoo as usual this week I have a foot long list of things to achieve and to spice things up a little we just put an offer on a section in Seddon.

SON of a BISCUIT!!! We have done it again, accidentally had a spare moment, run out and done something stupid. Man, a day off with us is more akin to watching Crack Whores loot a pharmacy, very relaxing. It gets worse the bank would not lend us the desired amount so we will have to sell our home in Christchurch and to place us further on the shit house slide, we have come up with an idea to relocate a house that needs much work. Oh yes this should work as we are so very practical…………I am giggling hysterically.

Seddon, of all the imagined shit house places this could almost take the cake. About twenty minutes from Blenheim but has larger sections, affordable to young one income families like ourselves. If we do this right we will be that much closer to our lifestyle dream, fingers crossed. Sadly, I can barely acknowledge the fact we will be losing our home, I am actually quite emotional about it and am feeling a great sense of loss. I guess I will process that over the next few weeks… lucky readers.

Now I do apologise for lack of blogs as we have not had Norton's. We now do hence the blog BUT I also am very busy over the next week or two so expect the same timeframes between entries.