Monday, July 24, 2006

So do you fancy a quickie?

Firstly we have landed in Sunny Blenheim. Car trip with toddler, not completely out of the realms of 'Bride of Chucky' Oh well who can blame her so since she was going to have a crap trip I thought I may as well give her crap food....choccies....Marshmallows...Chips..All the badstuff. Her carseat and anything within a sticky fingers reach needing much cleaning.

Our new home as you know was taken site unseen. Thankfully the close proximity of the train tracks is drowned out by the terrible traffic noise. Apart from that the house is great, old stained and kinda smells but is sunny and has much more space than our beloved Christchuch shoe box. It just feels right.

I met my new midwife yesterday and she seems great. There is a grand total of nine midwives in the Blenheim area and they do the lot birth, slice, dice and reconstruct. The Maternity ward has only a few rooms and is never full. The plunket lady only sees people on a Wednesday. I honestly had not contemplated how country this is.

Groceries are very expensive, there is no competition, no market gardens and very few butchers. No Wendy's or BK but thankfully they have just got a movie theatre. No Recycling!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am disgusted. But it is lovely, although the weather seems similar to Christchurch in accordance to the weather news, it is so much warmer. We only have a fire and it cooks the house, I have no need to turn on a heater in the shower and I can get my washing in at five and have no dampness. Brilliant.

I have been tuning into the local radio station to get a feel for what is going on and do you know what made the news on Monday? There were three shoplifters caught in the weekend and two youths who jumped on the roof of a car and then tried the door handle were apprehended. Fantastic. Not murders, not beatings...................I even feel safer. Get this, our insurance is cheaper given the low crime area!

Anyway I must dash as my child is driving me batty and I really have many boxes yet to unpack. CH is away on a managers meeting and of course I have taken it upon myself to have the place ship shape upon his return...........of course to keep him happy......NO I would never yes it as leverage...................for much later.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What the hell is cardboard made from?

You may consider cardboard boxes an absolute neccesity when it comes to moving your possesions around the country or saving the environment from yet another plastic bag that will drown a duck somehere.....but beware of boxes in bulk.

Three days ago our local supermarket put aside some premium boxes for us. I went to pick them up, thanked them kindly, loaded said boxes into my family wagon, drove home(noted odd cardboard/sewage smell, mental note to harrass husband over farting in family wagon), unloaded said boxes.

Three days later car still stinks, any room where boxes in numbers have congregated, stinks. Is the cardboard made from recycled bog roll, if so should our foodstuffs be transported in it?

Yes, you are right I am babbling, obviously stench from packing said boxes have addled my brain. It could also be the fact I am so friggin bored of packing said boxes...............yes I am avoiding packing more said boxes by over using the phrase 'said boxes' about said boxes.

I guess I had best stop sulking about not being able to watch Greys Anatomy, friggin reruns.
I am sure Patrick will wait for me. However I do wish they would change his characters name.......for the love of God.......Derek just does not inspire hotness. Sorry Dereks.

Oh well best I go and pack some more shit in boxes or has is already been done!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Look forgive me I do not think the previous photo was very flattering but at least I have another one of Ella to put up, much better.

Yep she still has those squishy cheeks.......I do hope the Russian President is not reading my blog or he will be over here to kiss her tummy.

Incidentally I do believe there was anything sinister about that little media whoops. If that is the extent of our world wide coverage I do not know whether to be appalled or thankful.

In fact CH used and still has a thing for chubby cheeks not sexual but just loves them thankfully I have them in abundance.

Just in case you miss us so, it has been said I am crap at putting updated photos of us and more specifically MOI.

Not really worth waiting for, hey next time I may even wear makeup!

Gone fishing

You may notice a serious lack of the normal pointless drivel that I force you to read. This may be so for the next couple of weeks as I really am having a most lovely time trying to pack with a toddler. Cringe. As soon as I am settled in equally as lovely Blenheim I am sure I will be back to ranting and raving

Stay tuned

Provided I do not go postal in between times.

Close very close.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh my god I am going to give birth to skelotor(spelling?), you know skinny action figure fella. Looking to be a nice slim head...............................

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Midwives in Blenheim

If anyone knows anything about any midwives in Blenheim please give me a heads up and Wanda if by chance you have a stich and bitch Blenheim branch let us know.

Oh yeah I forgot about

We just had our scan and I can proudly confirm we are not in actual fact having a giraffe on upside down b for a child but it is a GIRL. How lovely a sister for Ella but given the pregnacy thus far, the new one is going to give Ella a run for her money on the naughtiness stakes.

How exciting we are no longer having an it. Now to nail down the name.

Moving to Blenheim

Hmmmn Blenheim......lovely small slightly rural town, sunny, vineyards with access to Cherries and lots of them. It is official we are packing and moving on up. I can almost feel my extra arm sprouting out of my back.

I know little of the place except that the rent is much more exspensive, cost of living is higher and my husband wages are not going up and he will be working longer hours. All making perfect sense on a already well stretched budget. Key word to remember is LONGTERM planning and sometimes we must take a step back to move forward...................fingers crossed.

Over the next few weeks I will be busy trying to find a trailer to live in up north, find tenants for this home, prepare this one for rentals(I am just taking a break from varnishing the bench) packing while fending off a helpful toddler and feeling hugely pregnant. So much to do I am am finding sleeping even more out of reach than usual as my mind is going ten times its normal speed and of course I feel like the weight of the world is upon my shoulders. Thankfully I have a husband to share the burden, well at least a quarter of it anyway.

CH said the most lovely thing this weekend just gone, we were talking about a friend of ours who is a fantastic catch but can never seem to find the right girl as ideally he would like to settle a bit more. He went on to say that he would like to find a woman he considers his equal, Jason replied that would not be good enough do what I did and find not your equal but your better to inspire your growth and give you incentive to do your best. How lovely is that, of course I had to confirm he was talking about me and not some five dollar floosie with no teeth.