Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bugger me I made it

Here I am day two of what I am trialing as a new regime. However still in my pjs, as our friends at Mainland say, good things take time.  Yesterday, still getting over stomach virus, enough said on that subject.
I did however call John Tamiere and Willy Jackson on radio live in a pathetic attempt to put across my views, I failed miserably as my nerves made my tongue tied and total brain disconection. 
In Nz yesterday the goverment announced their big save the nation vote winner, together with fonterra and sanitarium they are going to give poor kiwi kids a breakfast of weetbix and milk at decile one through to four schools, oh John Key you are indeed our saviour!
I know many would say women are hard to please but am I the only one who thinks this reeks of spin, backhands and whitey high fives?
I mean heck, $5 for butter $12 for cheese, how about regulate those prices? No tax on fruit and vege?
For some time now with what I see every day I have decided on a course of action and spoken of it whenever I get a chance.  There is too much us and them.  CH and I work hard to provide a healthy warm environment for our girls, provide as many opportunities as we can for education and sport and we have been continually going backwards financially for years, in debt to the eye balls and we are not living a life of excess, hell we cannot even afford sky Tv and I still feel the hole that the food channel left, managed to fill the hole with food, mostly high in sugar, sigh.
I started to realise there was a problem when I was bitter about feral parents children getting a free breakfast, when we could do with help. No we are just cannon fodder, working class dum dumbs.
I started stamping my feet and saying my taxes was paying for Rangi's parents to get pissed and not for food in his tummy or warm clothes and then we feed him, Take away their dole money! That willmlearn em!
Riciculous if course, Rangi suffers more.
Weetbix and milk, pish, feels a little like John threw us a chop to shut us up and kept the roast. Token gesture full of excretement!
Save Nz.....pants on fire.
We need lunches in schools, proper wholesome meals, sit down meals with high reguard to manners and appreciation, this will give a more community feel, encourage respect with the expectation that a child deserves and is worthy of being fed and not a drain on their Mums booze money and hopefully when this generation goes forth and lives a contibuting life they will give their children what they need.
Forget their feral looser parents, you cant help these people, oh my the stories I could tell on the state of some of the people up here and what they do to each other.  Stuff of nightmares but very very real.
Rant over, I am off to propose a deal, details tomorrow.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Taking a shot at the Twister champs

If there was a prize for longest time  sticking head in sand, fingers up arse and sitting on ones hands, it is mine!  Given my current fitness level it would also be a miracle so thankfully it is not literal but the meaning is the same.
I am still working for St John, well in theory as I tend not to answer the phone when they call, I also have not worked very hard to find anotherjob as all I really want to do is stay home and hide.  My confidence took an absolute rogering in the last 18 months and by gum I am finding it hard to come back.  I Really did want to make an attempt to come back to the blog world and the next thing I know it is May and I still have not managed a post!  Perhaps this is not the forum for me? Righto Bye!
Oh that would be easy but some part of me knows this is the way back, I need to create great habits again that involve putting time into blocks, achieving what I set out to do as I have made it very clear to myself I cannot be trusted not to piss about, which makes me feel shite and that makes me eat crap which I do very well. A complete horrid cycle of intelligence decay, self flogging, Jeremy Kyle watching, wine swilling behaviour.
Anyhoo I am terrible and outwardly processing feelings as I prefer them to fester and then disappear under the carpet so this could be a good process, but since I cannot cope with woe is is moi, I will indeed gloss over it with humour.
Oh dear the very thing that is supposed to be helping me is also using it as a weapon as I know I should be doing chores right now, but I am extending this and just put on the Jug for coffee.  I am onto my self and while I drink my coffee I will only check facebook once and perhaps a quick look on etsy and pinterest and then perhaps emails and then find that recipe for coconut lollies, whoops two coffees later it is lunchtime and still in pjs with nothing solid done! Tomorrow is a new day!