Wednesday, January 30, 2008

$160 per hour and no happy ending!

We are in financial limbo. We have a little money that has been hard earned and for some it would take a lifetime to achieve and yet it is not anywhere close to achieving our goals. Do we invest in the property market, shares, currency, business opportunities or just simply save? Over the last year we have done the lot!

We are both impatient people and have been risk takers in the past but now we must be frugal. It seems odd then in the face of febuary, our new knuckle down buget kicks in that we go and blow $160 on a chat with someone.

A financial strategist. Actually really great once you get past the fact some stranger wants to get the real nitty gritty on your life. It was good just to have a person sort out fact from fiction on a non emotional level. It was also great to confirm we are not floundering and have thus far been clever and managed our money well. We now await an analysis based upon some of our ideas to get ahead and see if they can be given life. I will keep you posted.

Oh yeah my first rostered working night on an Ambulance is Waitangi day, cool huh!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brandy Alexandra anyone?

Yep, gals I still have it.

It has been years since I stood behind a bar and made cocktails. I went to a fantastic birthday party and blew everyone away with my well garnished and equisitely good cocktails. Yummy!

The food was fantastic, I made bulk sushi which was lovely but the best by far was Kingfish spare ribs in an amazing sauce. Fantastic.

The highlight of the week was a child free day! I shit you not ladies a whole day with adults and no children. A free day at the races, all expenses paid bus trip and of course I looked gorgeous and Delwyn I wore those cool polka pants you made me buy in Melbourne, and yes it was a good bum day!


What a week. Four nights and no sleep, crying baby totally inconsolable who is only now just starting to eat. Hey I have just had a thought and perhaps that is why I am feeling a little down on myself!

We have just come through a tonsillitis viral infection and discovered Poppy is allergic to penicillin. I had no idea tonsillitis was viral and infectious! hmmn who knew.

I also discovered that during high temps it is advisable to use a combination of both pamol and Nurofen for kids. Plus the Nurofen has the coolest top on it that makes it easy to measure out the right dose.

I called the health line and they were just amazing and encourage all of you to do the same, store this number in your cell as you never know when you will need it
0800 611 116

Life according to Ella

Ella is at this amazing age and constantly coming up with little observations. Here is this weeks little ditties.

"Mama, My bum does not fit me!"
Oh honey I know how you feel.

"Mama the moon is broken!"
How do you explain the waxing and waneing of the moon to a near three year old!

"Mama I am proud of you!"
A real heart melter when she came out of the blue with this one.

Yummy Yummy Yummy I have Jelly in my tummy

Not again.

I started the year with such positivity and this year was the first time I did not start the year with crash diets and deluded pledges of uncompromising exercise routines.

It is not even the end of January and I am feeling old, skody and horrifically unattractive. What to do, what to do.

I often look at my half stuffed Haggis looking stomach and I find it truly amazing, the thousands of the shiny stetchmarks with the occasional strips of skin. The texture is fantastic, really soft and CH loves it. Even my daughters love it and giggle uncontrollably when they pat it and watch it wobble.

In all honesty, I want it gone. I do not mind the fact I have stretchmarks as they stand as a constant reminder to that amazing time when your baby was just yours and yours alone. All those quite times with each other when you could keep them safe in every way. What I do mind is the fact you do not need to see my skin to know I am a mother for heavens sake if it were not for super bras my tum would be more prominent than my boobs as it peeks around the corner five minutes before I get there!

I am thinking sit ups.

Thankfully we start a firm budget in feb and the Dairy prices are so high that our house will no longer be filled with bulk chocolate, five different types of ice cream, toppings to match and nine different cheeses(seriously I just counted)

I need to do this, just for me all I need now is will power. Got any spare?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My home resembles ground zero for a national hygiene disaster.

Every wall from toy covered carpet to about a metre high covered in grimey fingerprints, sloppy kisses and hopefully washable pens.

Cupboards ransacked, pots replaced with headless dolls and the odd ball and broken MacDonald’s toys, potatoes with little bites out of them hidden through the pantry, cd’s and dvd’s posted wherever they can fit and used nappies discarded wherever my oldest stops drops and rolls.

But what a fabulous summer holiday, this last month our home has been brimming with children’s giggles, afternoon naps in the sun, good food and salty Margaritas. We have just said goodbye to last of our family and a return to life normality.

Highlights, too many to mentions but they all have involved spending a fortune on summer berries and swimming. I guess my favourite time that was just for me was my ‘Tolberone naps’ Sadly I am down to my last few peaks of my 400gram Choocie mountain and now I feel like singing “Summer loving” to a tight black wearing bock of Tolberone. Every afternoon if I got the kids down to sleep I would go and read and nibble upon said chocolate. I could judge what sort of day I was having by the number of triangular goodness to required to rock me to sleep. Three was a good day a celebration.

Well I am dithering again as I really need to be starting at one end of the house and today I promised a drawing day to Ella as it is slightly overcast and I am crossing all fingers for rain.

Right lets have a good food day, hopefully no crap for the first time in nearly two months. I have the DT’s already.

tolberone)Summer lovin' had me a blast

(jody)Summer lovin' happened so fast

(tolberone)I met a girl crazy for me

(jody)Met a choccie as yum as can be

Summer naps driftin' away,

to uh-oh those summer nights
Uh Well-a well-a well-a huh

Tell me more, tell me more
Did you eat very much?

Tell me more, tell me more

Friday, January 04, 2008

I feel a bit left out as I have not one New Years resolution.

Here is one for the benefit of you poor buggers that wade through my rant filled drivel.

I will try to use spell really I will

I just did!

Holy shite 2008 already

It surely would take hours upon hours to entertain you all with my tales of life since my last blog.

To attempt to give you the shortened version would be cruelty at its most wicked.

So I won't.

But hear ye this,

It could quite possibly be the best two weeks of my life......................

Love to you all but I will be not blogging terribly often until Feb as this Jan is my summer holiday. Life is where did I put down my glass?