Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Filthy Rapist

When our tried and true men in blue describe the profile of New Zealands most wanted as a "Filthy Rapist" there is little separating the many with the blue. Although the quote was apt and would easily roll off any of our tongues, that is the point, should such an emotional response come from the thin blue line? Sensationalisium(sorry poorly spelt) already runs rife throughout all forms of our media, what new dizzy scare mongering heights will we scale next?

It has already worked for me, being pregnant my mind is somewhat addled at best, anxiety appears to be at the root of all evil at present. I feel much empathy for anything using more than a few choice verbs. I think I am going to put myself on a Nationwide media ban. How are you feeling about the events of the nation?

If all articles are to be believed we are a nation of violent sexual attacks, child abusers, child murderers, child abductors, hell we even run our children over with our own vehicles with alarming regularity all of that and throw in mass hysteria produced by opening a MALL of all things, all those greedy bastards pushing and shoving for a bargain. It is those same greedy bastards that may even share something with you, a thrist and a hunger to feed off each new and sordid detail of the crimes of the hour, to lap up the media and relish tales that should only exist in a world of Wes Craven. Sure there will be the obligated, grimace and filthy rapist or sick bastard comment. But essentially that glimmer in the corner of the eyes that once existed when watching a public hanging, is still there.

For me no longer I have had enough, I already have a fear for my family and friends and what stalks them. I already want to lock my door during the day. I am not capeable of listening to horrible graphic details of a crime and then continue cooking dinner. It stays with me. I wish it would stay with everyone, no not so they are as anxious as I but to remember the feeling and perhaps make more effort to do more. The standard is we quickly forget until it happens again but nothing has changed in the interim.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To all my friends basking in the warmth of the northern hemisphere, wearing tank tops and most likely slurping fruity concoctions out of coconuts decorated with umbrellas made by poorly paid children. I hope you all have prickly heat rash chafing in your buttock crack!

We had one day this week were the temperature never got above ZERO. Day three and still surrounded by a snowy lake. Thankfully we still have power.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The week that was

Imagine this leaving home at the tender age of 16, willingly left behind are all the ties that bind. Parental relationship spurned and off one goes willy nilly to live a new exciting life.

Then pan to fourteen years later Mother comes to stay for a whole week! Blimey you would need to be a saint or a saddist to enjoy the experience in its entirety. Words just cannot describe the horror that was last week. On reflection it was good practise for looking after two children under two, in fact much harder as at least babies go for a nap.

I thought it was about time I include the latest wee piccie of Ella, here she is just finished doing her current favourite thing, picking her nose,the wee grott, hours of fun, oh bless just like her Daddy.

We went to Playcenter again this week and I truly hoped I would enjoy the experience more but I hated it. The whole place reeks of political correctness and parents co-operative, I mean for god sake they where holding a "Trial" paper swords ban as some uptight sugar hating parents got offended at boys making paper swords and playing pirates. Sad gits, live a little and have a regular coffee! Hey even I would like to play pirates if I could play with Mr Depp..................However I shall go as it is fantastic for Ella, she just goes wild and leaves me at the door and finds everything messy and fun, Mummy who?

Oh great that gives me time to talk to the locals, do my little jobs and play nicely. Goody. I think the main problem with me is I could never be rude and always find it hard to say no but I truly do not want to be embroiled in the lives of more people I do not choose. You know how it goes, introductions aside and the next thing you know is all about their life and pretty soon you need to choose whose side of the poxy playground you stand on. Is it too late to pretend mute?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am a Faithful Creator

I do not usually do these things but I needed some answers toaday and have found this one to be very insightful and accurate. Easily pleased huh! Thanks to Rose for this one

My Personal Dna Report