Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The rebuild

I have keep checking back on the date of my last few blog's.  I cannot quite believe it has been so long.  The truth of the matter is after my incident with Poppy, I broke.  I cannot tell you the moment it happened or even when I recognised there was a issue.  My sudden uninterest in writing and sharing of my adventures should have been a hint.  Also I finally got a Facebook account{evil,I tell you, Sadly hooked}.  The last few years have taken their toll, my hair is now grey and my weight heavy, my wrinkles many and my bones now seize when I sit for too long.  I had an epiphany not long ago that night shift and I will never be firm friends, I worked too many hours for little thanks, the price my family paid was high as I was chronically grumpy and the guilt of missing out on my daughters first day of school, her winning the cross country and a whole plethora of other things have combined for us to make a decision that I will cease working as an EMT, find a school hours job and concentrate on family.  I could not have chosen a worse time to do this. In debt up to our eyeballs, completely up shit creek and we have sprung a leak.  I am embracing frugal and you are welcome to come with me on an adventure to rebuild on these chocolate fueled solid foundations.

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