Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Already??????

Crap it has happened again. I have been hit with a massive time sucking vortex that has transformed what felt like last week to being well over a month ago.

It has been an amazing sunny summer filled with lots of swimming, eating fresh fish, picking bucket fulls of berries and plums, making jams and relishes, storing away all our summer produce for winter, gave up a few bad habits, put on 5kg's, doing shifts on the Ambulance, studying for my course, making wooden garden sculptures, selling wooden garden sculptures(go to and see) Now we are moving to a warmer home for winter, CH is opening a new store and already I am finding my year planner is more than half full.

As luck would have it we now have broadband so as soon as I can link more than 60 minutes of spare time together I shall endeavour to start blogging again. Lucky you!

The gals are great, driving me a little batty but that is just natural progression I feel. Ella will soon be starting school................................I am so not ready. Pops is well and just had her second hearing test to estimate any damage caused by her adventure last year and one ear was perfect while the other does not seem to hear well at all but my Mummy gut feeling is that they are wrong as I think she has great hearing and perhaps just bored of the tests. I will let you know in six weeks.

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